6ISCs Organizing Committee

  • Prof. Alex Yen

 Chair and 6ISCs International Coordinator/ V.P. of CIPA

  • Mr. Chris Marrion

 President of ICORP

  • Prof. Efstratios Stylianidis 

 President of CIPA

  • Prof. Gorun Arun

 President of ISCARSAH

  • Prof. Mariana Correia

 President of ISCEAH

  • Mr. Fergus Maclaren

 President of ICTC

  • Mr. Peter Cox

 President of ISCES+CC

  • Dr. Gwo-Lung Shy

 ICOMOS Member  

  • Dr. Steve Brown

 Advisory member, GA2020 Scientific Symposium Australian Co-chair

  • Mr. Andrew Potts

 Advisory member, Climate Change and Heritage Working Group Coordinator

  • Dr. Chao-Shiang Li

 Executive Secretary/ Amb of ICOMOS GA2020