International committee on Earthen Architectural Heritage

International Scientific Committee (ISC): According to the ICOMOS Statutes, “The International [Scientific] Committees are the vehicles through which ICOMOS fulfills its goals by carrying out specialized studies and scientific inquiries in their respective fields on the various issues with which ICOMOS is concerned.”

Earthen Architectural Heritage: For the purposes of the International Scientific Committee of Earthen Architectural Heritage (ISCEAH), earthen architectural heritage is defined as the architectural, archaeological and cultural landscape heritage constructed of unfired clay-/soil-based materials.

Compliance: ISCEAH will operate under the valid principles and ethical statements adopted and applied by ICOMOS for the operation of its International Committees. All members of ISCEAH are required to comply with said principles and statements.

ISCEAH Goals: The goals and expectations of ICOMOS for ISCEAH are that of an ISC: to maintain broad membership, carry out scientific inquiries, specialized studies, and to share information thereby contributing to the development of better practice and methods for the protection and conservation of the world’s earthen architectural, archaeological and cultural landscape heritage. ISCEAH shall encourage the participation of any person who plays an important role in shaping, maintaining and conserving traditional knowledge. This is the case of both intangible knowledge and material earthen architectural, archaeological and cultural landscape heritage. Therefore, in addition to worldwide representation within ICOMOS, ISCEAH shall permit master masons and earth crafts persons to participate on the Committee at several levels in accordance with the principles set forth by ISCEAH Statutes.